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Malina Flowers provides private flower arranging workshops.

It is the best way to make your holiday or celebration special and unforgettable.

You will get a lot of memorable moments and emotions.

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Flower Crown

Flower Crown

3 hours
5 people or more
65$ per person

Basket arrangement

Basket arrangement

2 hours
5 people or more
55$ per person

Bouquet in a vase

Bouquet in a vase

1.5 hours
 5 people or more
45$ per person

Workshop moment

What you will get


You will learn how to make a
flower arrangement. No experience necessary


Create your individual flower arrangement and take it home with you


Enjoy the process and relax in a friendly atmosphere


Take pictures with your friend


Drinks and snacks are provided

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    Floral workshops are places in flower shops that allow florists to create and design bouquets. Flower shops should be able to design their own perfect bouquets. For any occasion and for this reason, any competent bouquet store needs floral design workshops. Florist workshops are a sort of Mecca for anyone seeking to create pieces of art. The flower design workshops should contain any diverse amount of floral arrangements. Florists can use different types of flowers to make their bouquets.

    Essentially a school for potential florists or people who want to pursue floristry, flower arrangement workshops are home to many professional florists up with masterpieces. Any flower store, online, or otherwise consider them a necessity for the following reasons!

    They Are Convenient

    Any flower arranging workshop near me allows the stores to source and create their own bouquets.

    They Are a Hotspot for Creativity

    Professional and amateur florists are given a place that ensures that they can experiment and try out as many flower combinations as they can.

    They Allow Customization

    Potential customers won’t always choose what is in the catalog. Because of this, a flower bouquet workshop is important in order for florists to create a custom bouquet that the customer can actually buy.

    Considered to be labs of the florist world, a floral workshop near me could:

    • Create a custom design with a vast amount of desired flowers for any occasion.
    • Workshop flower arrangement is a practice that is adopted by many flower shops and is one that has proven to be invaluable.
    • Any and all flower shops should mention their possession of this facility.

    Additionally, a flower bouquet working is also a great place for anyone looking at floristry as a hobby. It gives them a perfect place to set up their skills under the guidelines of talented prodigies and professionals.

    Our Advantage

    There is more to floristry than just trying to find out which flowers look great together. This is where we excel. One needs to know the different types of flowers and their differences. Trying to match smells is also important.

    There is also a sculpting or shaping aspect that one can learn. This is something that especially applies to venues and public events such as weddings. Flower workshops are the backbone, heart, mind, and soul of our online store.

    Buy the best flowers online today for any occasion. We will deliver beautiful flowers on time!

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